If you are finding it difficult to find love where you are, you should consider checking online, because you wouldn't know your luck. A lot of people now use online dating sites and we have heard stories of people who found love there. So why not you? Just with a few clicks, you can be chatting with a potential lover.

There is a number of online dating sites in the country, let's check some of them out:

  •  SEXY NAIJA: This website is one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria. It started way back in 2005, and it is the most established online dating site in Nigeria. Like most dating sites, Sexy Naija is free to use with no paid plans. Users of sexy Naija enjoy instant messaging, forum, chatting, personal internal email address and a blogging platform.

  • TINDER: Tinder is very popular not only in Nigeria but the whole world. Tinder has been attracting a lot of attention for a while now and it is likely to continue as it is spreading to more African countries. Though not so new in Nigeria yet so many people have not tried it out. Tinder comes as an application which is a plus compared to other sites and the interface makes it so easy for you to easily connect with others.
  • FRIENDLITE: Friendlite came into existence in  2012 and since then it has been one of the fast-growing dating sites in Nigeria with thousands of users monthly. It has an easy-to-understand interface which makes it very easy to use. Friendlite is more than a conventional dating sites, it has  features like: photo sharing, videos sharing, create event, blogs, wall news feed and groups.

  • MEET NIGERIANS: So many of us want to connect with Nigerians in the diaspora. Meet Nigerians is the best place to find people in diaspora. This dating site allows you to connect with Nigerians all over the world. Meet Nigerians is not totally free it also has a premium gold plan which allows its user some privileges. However, you can do just about anything like a free user.

  • NAIJA PLANET: Naija Planet was launched in 2008 and since then it has seen thousands of Nigerians trooping into it. It has rich features like basic and advances search functions, instant messaging, chat rooms, message boards and video gallery e.t.c which makes it really fun to use.

Be smart and stay safe do not release your confidential information to strangers. Be patient love will find you, my friend.