After trying different ways to revive a dying relationship without any success, a friend once said “I don’t know when things got this bad…“.  
Relationships come with excitements; with  lots of happiness; big things become small; your breath might depend on it. Few months, few weeks in some cases few days things change - the lovely colorful boat hits the rock, then one realizes that it is not what it seemed to be at first.
  So many things can bring about a sudden end to once a very interesting love story but one thing is most outstanding and that is: SWIFT RELATIONSHIPS.
This is when everything falls into place as soon as man meets woman. It is as if they were meant for each other designed by the god of love…lols.. Head in the sky, blind eyes to all glaring warnings, love of his or her life. I have to admit sometimes it it difficult to control ones emotion when in this kind of love but yet we should not rush into conclusion that we have found the one.
We should allow time to do its work by taking things slowly because being alone is better than being with the wrong person. Let me tell you what happens when you give  your heart to the wrong person: He or she takes it up mount Everest, at the very top where you feel relaxed and secure he or she drops it, your heart struggles on its way down with nothing to hold onto, finally reaches the ground broken into pieces...tears…  bitterness set in, you know you don't deserve all that but there you having it all. 
  But could it have gone any different?  My answer is YES even though I have been a victim before. With just a little patience and seeking to know the person you are giving some extreme privileges in your heart to, all those tears could have been avoided.
 How do you explain loving someone you just met say one month ago? Hmm what choice is there for a lonely heart who is longing for love and sees something that looks like it.
 Most of us have been in this corner before, let us know what you learnt from it and how it could have been avoided.